Revelation Chapters 19 to 22

Outline of Revelation Chapters 19 to 22

Chapter 19 - 20:6 (Armageddon, Millennium)

  1. The Marriage of the Lamb (1-10)
  2. Heaven opened (11-16)
  3. Battle of Armageddon (17-21)
  4. The binding of Satan (20:1-3)
  5. The Millennium (20:4-6)

19: 1 - 6 After these things

Heaven rejoices as foretold in Rev 18:20

This includes OT and NT saints

19:9-11 The Church

Marriage to the bride (This is not Israel)

See also 1 Thess 4:17

18: 12-16 The climax of The Revelation

(See also Matt 24:29-30)

The Revelation reveals how "God will make His enemies His footstool"

White horse Victory (Acts 17:31)

Two edged sword (Is 11:4)

19:17-21 Armageddon

(See Daniel 11, Ezek chap 38 & 39, Zech 14 etc)


Egypt will invade Israel (South)

Arabs will invade Israel (North)

Arabs will more through Israel and attack Egypt (because they made peace with Israel)

Europe will attempt to help Israel (West)

Russia (Gog, Magog & Russ) will attack Israel

Christ will come and crush the Arabs

Christ will crush Gog, Magog & Russ

The West will be defeated

Christ will win!

Israel (the remnant) then claims her rightful inheritance

Israel will spend 7 months burying the dead and 7 years destroying the weapons

20:1-6 The Millennium

This is the true kingdom, talked about in Matthew, ruled by Christ. Satan is shut up, and peace reigns.

There is no death, (Is 65:22), unless the law is transgressed, then death is instant.

Chapter 20:7 - 22:21 (The New Heaven and New Earth)

  1. Satan’s last revolt - a little time (20:7-10)
  2. The great white throne (20:11-15)
  3. The eternal state (21:1-8)
  4. The vision of the holy city (21:9-27)
  5. The glories of the redeemed (22:1-5)
  6. Endnotes (22:6-21)

A little while (20:7-10)

Satan is loosed for a brief season

This will prove that man is a total failure. He has failed under law, under grace and now under the kingship of Christ. Man will be tried and tested at this point. Men who obeyed during the millennium out of fear rather than love will be deceived by Satan. That is, those who have feigned obedience will go to hell (Ps 18:44, Ps 60:3, Ps 1:15).

Note that Israel does not backslide (Is 59:20-21)

After this Satan is cast into hell.

The dead are judged - 20: 11-15

  • Those that have died since the rapture (John 5:28). This is not a second choice, nor has it anything to do with the Church (John 5:24, Rom 5:22, 8:1)

The Church sits before the Judge (2 Cor 5:10) and our works are judged for rewards.

  • The Judge can be The Father - God.
  • He judges according to their words (20:15)
  • Compare John 3:36 with Rev 20:15

21-1-8 New Heaven and Earth

See also 2 Peter 3:10

Comments on us in Heaven

Heaven is a definite location

We will go from heaven to Earth and back to fulfil our duties

We will have bodies (Phil 3:21, 1 John 3:2, 1 Cor 15:42-57, 2 Cor 5:1-5)

We will be occupied (1 Cor 6:2-3) (There are many more references.)

David L Simon
Created November 1999
Edited December 2011