Preaching outline of the Gospel of John in 54 weeks

The gospel of John in 52 sermons
  1. John’s gospel was written so that we might know that Jesus is the Son of God – overview of John’s Gospel.
  2. Jesus was the Word, was before all things, created all things, is the express image of the Father (John 1:1-5).
  3. Jesus was the Light (John 1:7): The Messiah, The Lamb of God, The Almighty Saviour, The Bridegroom.
  4. Jesus came unto His own and His own received him not (John 1:6-18): Waiting for the Lords coming – are we ready?
  5. The man John the Baptist: John the Baptist willingly draws the attention towards Christ who came to save the world (John 1:19-36). The Lamb who came to save the world – the gospel.
  6. Disciples that followed Jesus willingly (John 1:37-51). Following Jesus.
  7. Jesus performs his first sign – turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). Men did the ordinary, God did the extraordinary.
  8. Jesus cleanness the temple courts in Jerusalem (John 2:12-17). Sin needs to be dealt with before Christ can occupy His rightful place in our heart.
  9. Jesus reveals His authority over God’s House (John 2:18-25) – Does the Holy Spirit have the keys to our heart?
  10. Jesus teaches Nicodemus about new birth. (John 3:1-15). Nicodemus first appears to Christ in the dark, then in the evening, then in the day, i.e. focus on the man, Nicodemus.
  11. You must be born again. You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved (John 3:1-21): The gospel.
  12. Christ came to save not condemn the world (John 3:16-21).
  13. Jesus the quencher of thirst (John 4:7-26). The women of Samaria. Repentance is needed.
  14. True worship is in spirit and in truth (John 4:21-26): Worship, what is it?
  15. The life’s goal of Jesus and the urgent need to harvest souls (John 4:31-38).
  16. Jesus heals the invalid at the poll of Bethsada on the Sabbath (John 5:1-15). Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath.
  17. Jesus reveals His authority as the Son of God (John 5:16-47).
  18. Coming to Jesus (John 5:40 16-47). Is Christ the centre piece of our life?
  19. Jesus feeds the 5000 (John 6:1-13): Dealing with unsolved problems.
  20. Why didn’t Jesus want to be crowned King (John 6:14-15). The place of Christ, now (Church age), soon (Judge), future (the glorious King).
  21. Jesus walks on water (John 6:16-21): Faith and troubled waters.
  22. Jesus reveals the wrong motives of those who seek Him (John 6:22-29): Is Jesus our first passion in life?
  23. Salvation – what is it? (John 6:30-51). The Bread of life.
  24. Eating the flesh and drinking the blood (John 6:52-59). Dealing with the unclean and clean thing; what we eat is what be become.
  25. Life and Death of many (John 6:60-71). Some give up following Jesus, one confesses His name, what do you do?
  26. I am the Light (8:1-20). Living in the light.
  27. Christ the Saviour of the World. Being freed from sin (8:21-36).
  28. I AM - The Lord God Jehovah (8:37-59) The Sovereign God and who rules your life.
  29. Suffering and Sin. (9:1-12)
  30. The blind and the seeing. Are you blind? (9:13-41)
  31. I am the good Shepherd (10:1-42). Safe in the arms of Jesus.
  32. Knowing the voice of the Shepherd (10:1-42). Who leads you life?
  33. Lazarus - overview (11:1-57).
  34. I am the Resurrection and Life (11:1-57). Do you really believe?
  35. Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies….. (12:12-26). Being saved.
  36. Walking in the Light (12:27-50).
  37. Jesus washes the disciples feet (13:1-17). How do you wash each others feet.
  38. A new commandment (13:31-35). Do you really love one another?
  39. I am the way the truth and life (14:1-6).
  40. Asking in My name (14:12-14). Prayer.
  41. Sending another Helper (14:15-24). The Holy Spirit – who is He?
  42. Peace, in the full assurance of Christ (14:25-31).
  43. I am the True Vine (15:1-8). Abiding in Christ.
  44. True love (15:9-17). How do you truly love?
  45. Coping with rejection by the world (15:18-27).
  46. The Holy Spirit (16:5-15). Do you listen to what the Spirit says?
  47. Christ, who overcomes (16:25-33). Victorious in Christ.
  48. The prayer of Jesus: Glorification of the Father and Son (17:1-5), prayer for Jesus' disciples (17:6-17), prayer for Jesus' followers: the church (17:20-26).
  49. From the arrest to the Cross and the Jewish trials of Jesus (18 - 19:27). The humanity of Christ.
  50. Jesus is Crucified (19:18-42). Jesus who took my sin upon himself.
  51. Christ is risen (20:1-31). Do you really believe this?
  52. A summary of John (21:1-25).


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David L Simon
John’s Gospel CCC series 2004
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