In Christ

Through the work of Christ for us we are brought into a new position. We were under condemnation, but in virtue of His atoning sacrifice we now stand in the abiding favour of God. God who, in all that He is, was against us on account of our sins, is now for us on account of the efficacy of the precious blood. But this is not all. On the cross God dealt also with what we were, as well as with what we had done. We have been crucified with Christ, and thereby sin has been condemned in the flesh. (Gal. 2; Rom. 8.) But if the cross closes up the history of the first man in responsibility, Christ in resurrection has taken the place of the second man; and, consequently, every believer is brought, through the death and resurrection of Christ, into a new place before God. Now it is this new place, viz., "in Christ" (not now in Adam) that represents our standing.

Edward Dennett (1831-1914)
Christian Friend, vol. 9, 1883, p. 260.
Posted: 18 Sep 2011