The Alpha and Omega

The wording here is simply Alpha and Omega, without any addition or explanation. It is a grand and lofty announcement of God's being. Our verse gives us the first utterance of God's lips in this wonderful Revelation. The seven previous verses are prefatory - an inspired communication through the Apostle John; but verse 8 bursts upon us, in deep and divine solemnity, as the veritable accents of the Lord God, the Almighty. He is the Alpha - the grand source and originator of all things; and He, too, the Omega, by whom all shall be wound up and completed. Hence we read not such words as I am Alpha and Beta (the second letter) as though it were His design to present to us the commencement and continuance of His work. That may be true; but if Alpha gives the beginning, Omega would indicate not only a perfect continuance, but the seal being placed on the end of all. It implies the finish of the road, and the completion of the work. And how becoming an intimation, in view of all the fearful course of judgment, detailed in the book that follows!, how solemn a declaration of His ability to begin and carry to a conclusion each of its dread, but certain, events! He proclaims Himself the Omega as much as the Alpha.

The Christian's Friend : 1895 : Alpha and Omega
Posted: 08 May 2011