Oh Happy House

OH, happy house! where Thou art loved the best,
O Lord, so full of love and grace;
Where never comes such welcome, honoured Guest
Where none can over fill thy place;
Where every heart goes forth to meet Thee,
Where every ear attends Thy word,
Where every lip with blessing greets Thee,
Where all are waiting on their Lord.

Oh, happy house! where man and wife in heart,
In faith, and hope are one;
That neither life nor death can part
The holy union here begun;
Where both are sharing one salvation,
And live before Thee, Lord, always,
In gladness or in tribulation,
In happy or in evil days.

Oh, happy house! whose little ones are given
Early to Thee in faith and prayer -
To Thee, their Lord, who from the heights of heaven
Guards them with more than mother's care.
Oh, happy house! where little voices
Their glad thanksgivings love to raise,
And childhood's lisping tongue rejoices
To bring new songs of love and praise.

Oh, happy house! and happy servitude!
Where all alike one Master own;
Where daily duty, in Thy strength pursued,
Is never hard nor toilsome known;
Where each one serves Thee, meek and lowly,
Whatever Thine appointment be,
Till common tasks seem great and holy,
When they are done as unto Thee.

Oh, happy house! where Thou art not forgot
When joy is flowing full and free;
Oh, happy house! where every wound is brought -
Physician, Comforter — to Thee.
Until at last, earth's day's work ended,
All meet Thee in that home above,
From whence Thou comest, where Thou hast ascended,
Thy heaven of glory and of love.

Karl Johann Philipp Spitta (1801-1859) [most likley]
Translated from German by E Dennett.
Posted: 01 May 2011