O Head once full of bruises

1 O HEAD once full of bruises,
So full of pain and scorn,
'Mid other sore abuses
Mocked with a crown of thorn;
O Head! e'en now surrounded
With brightest majesty,
In death once bowed and wounded
On the accursed tree.

2 Thou Countenance transcendent!
Thou life-creating Sun!
To worlds on Thee dependent ---
Yet bruised and spit upon:
O Lord! what Thee tormented
Was our sin's heavy load,
We had the debt augmented
Which Thou didst pay in blood.

3 We give Thee thanks unfeigned,
O Saviour! Friend in need,
For what Thy soul sustained
When Thou for us didst bleed;
Grant us to lean unshaken
Upon Thy faithfulness;
Until to glory taken,
We see Thee face to face.

P Gerhardt (1607-1676)
Little Flock (1903)
Posted: 10 Apr 2010