A Few Observations on Psalm 55

Psalm 55 paints a distressing picture of Jerusalem at its worse. The psalmist speaks of the experience he has had, of evil reproaching him perpetrated by wicked men and women of the city (Jerusalem) and the oppression of his enemies (3). He is very distressed; the pain is unbearable, and the abject wickedness of the people frightening (5). Worse still, his friends have joined the legion of his enemies - his equal and his acquaintance (13) have deceived him. He wants to get out - fly into the wilderness (6) which would place him in a trouble free zone – this is not going to happen. The streets are full of oppression (11).

This reminds me of this day and age - our city is full of wickedness; one cannot turn and not see it - there is deceit and terror; friends against friends even within the church. The enemy may be without the church, but the force of the wickedness within the church is treachery. They lie and oppress the believer. Who can one trust? Walk any city at night and see the sin and trouble (10), the utter ungodliness; step into churches on a Sunday and see men & women exalted above God and people worshipping the entertainment. These ungodly people have usurped God and placed themselves higher than He - yet He will bring them down. We yearn for the quite solitude of His still waters, but like the psalmist we  know that the righteous can cast his or her burden on the LORD, with the assurance that He shall sustain you (22). The one who stands with God, can stand firm.

David L Simon
Posted: 27 May 2014