When will Peace Reign in Israel?

Peace shall reign in Israel only when the Jews acknowledge the Lord and accept Christ as their saviour.The current so called peace deal announced recently will not achieve this.[1] The person spoken of in this prophecy by Jeremiah is the Messiah - call here The Lord Our Righteousness. In Chapter 33, the same phrase is used - but in chapter 33 it refers to all of Jerusalem. Peace comes when the renmant is saved and when they truly believe in Christ; they will confess his name, and praise him, and give him the glory. Since Christ will be their King, the city will be in upmost safety, having nothing to fear from God - believers, whose righteousness is imputed to them through believing in Christ will have peace in and through God. The law will have no effect (as the Apostle Paul points out) and their enemies would have been conquered and detroyed. The issue currently is fortold in chapter 23 - the leaders of Israel do not believe in the LORD God, so their enemies oppress them. In summary the King - the Lord Jesus Christ - will reign and prosper, executing judgment and justice in the earth. This prophecy is unfulfilled as Christ, although He came as the Son of David, the promise of Israel; they rejected Him. But He is coming again, and in that day of glory this great prophecy will be occur. And as the Apostle Paul points out His people Israel will be saved (Rom. 11:25-27). They will be restored from the north and from all the countries taken from them.


David L Simon
Posted: 15 Aug 2020